Thursday, October 7, 2010

Emily Anderson’s Post

These ads are trying to educate people on how to recycle. There are tons of people, companies, ads, everyone, all telling you to recycle, but many people are ignorant on the actual process of recycling. These ads were created to let people know about the some of the common recycling pitfalls.
I personally love these ads. I was doing a massive search online trying to find something to critique. Finally, this caught my eye. Some clever person made an awesome looking pizza monster. It made me laugh. So I clicked the little thumbnail so I could see the whole thing up close. Beside this little pizza monster there was text telling me that not to recycle paper products that are dirty, such as pizza boxes with grease embedded in the cardboard. The way everyday objects are personified into something almost scary is quite humorous. In reality, a pizza box would never attack me. But the fact that this pizza (or tape, or cellophane) looks so scary is part of why I think these ads are so effective. They are what made me look at these ads. I saw something absolutely ridiculous and it made me laugh. The fact that it made me laugh made me slow down my search through various images. I then stopped and read it. I care about the earth some. I recycle when I can, and when it's convenient. If I have a bunch of newspaper, or if I just bought something that came in a huge box, I might throw it in the recycle bin. But there's no way I would ever read a list of what can and can't be recycled. I honestly just don't care that much. But if this company made a funny ad for every rule of recycling, I would never recycle improperly again. Now, I know that I shouldn't recycle my pizza boxes. So I won't ever do that and I will now save the recycling people wasted time because of this wonderful ad I read. My personal opinion is that if this ad made me remember not to recycle "dirty paper", then surely it will make people who actually care about recycling remember that too. Many of the comments on the website where I got these pictures commented on the poor design or that they didn't understand what was going on.  What do you guys think? Am I just easily amused? Or do you think these ads are effective?

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  1. i think the ads are effective emily! i love them! they definitely caught my attention too! so many people nowadays are so big on "go green" and they tell you all the facts but in such a boring way that everyone else who isn't a tree hugger is kind of bored with the subject and its hype. this really brings to attention the usefulness of recycling and how to properly recycle without putting anyone to sleep. its a fun way to approach a boring subject :)