Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sergio Arguello’s Post

Why Design Matters

Here's something to think about, Design is everywhere.

Evident - perhaps - for those of us who have chosen to go into this field. But, what about the rest of the world? Well, to them I say also "Design is everywhere." Design is not only in the movie poster you glanced at while entering the movie theater this weekend; it is not only in the white, glamorous box your new Macbook Air came in; and it is certainly present in more than just the Walt Disney Pictures logo. Design is all around us. It's in the mug we use to drink our coffee in every morning; it's in the CD Booklet of Adele's 21; and it's in the Metro UI of your Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

"Design is about making things work better. It's all around us and affects us all." That's what the Kauko pop-up café campaign says. Said campaign focuses on raising awareness among non-designers of the importance and presence of design in our lives. The project, which was made for World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki (Finland), provides with a small taste of what would happen in our lives if design was poorly implemented.

The video below illustrates this concept better.

The campaign, needless to say is brilliantly effective at conveying the message. Design is everywhere.


  1. Sergio you are right, design is everywhere, even when you are not talking about graphic design. Also we can see industrial design everywhere, like int he chair that you are sitting rich now, or the desk of your roommate. So, we have to be aware of hat is surrounding, us and use it as our inspiration.

  2. This video is awesome! Design is everywhere! This experiment was a great way to show us bad design and how we take good design for granted. We need to be intentional with recognizing the talent behind good design, whether it is graphic design, architecture, or any other form of design.

  3. This video was hilarious and so true!! I agree with you, design is everywhere and without noticing it we often pass right by. I think this campaign made the importance of good design very clear. I personally enjoy finding good design in everyday things and places. This video was a great reminder of that very thing.