Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kara Underwood’s Post

I think this brochure works perfectly for the company. From what I can tell, Ben Sen Inc. is a design company and manufacturer of furniture. If you go onto their website the photos displayed are in a square format, just like the square brochure. I think that's very nice. I also like the square format of the brochure because a lot of their furniture pieces has a square design incoporated into it, so that fits together very nicely. Another aspect I love about this brochure is that all it has on the front is the logo and then the die cut framing it. If I saw this brochure laying around, I would really want to open the brochure up to find out what the brochure is about. Then you open the brochure up, and they have a lot of white, which looks very nice and clean. They have enough text but no too much. The photos are the main focus and the product is displayed as the main focus.


  1. I love this! Typically the more expensive the company, the more clean cut their marketing is, so I feel that this fits very well. The white space, like Kara said, gives it a very clean, chic feel and paired with the square design it makes the store seem very modern. I also like the black and white with just a touch of color on each page to draw attention to whatever specific piece they are trying to showcase on that page.

  2. As said before, the clean cut feel really makes this design. It looks simple and follows what the design of their furniture looks like. Plenty of white space around the text looks clean and makes everything pop. The simplicity starting on the cover, then throughout the brochure gives it a high quality feel.

  3. Wow, that is a nice design! It find it really interesting that it is from a furniture company too. This design is clean cut and very modern, and that is what a lot of people like in Design, as well as in their furniture. It is a perfect match! This brochure would give me the impression of expensive, and high quality. I really like all the white space, and I also like how the pages are not cluttered with items.