Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The most common types of brochures are bi-fold - which results in 4 panels, and tri-fold which results in six panels. As with all other design, it is important to keep in mind your audience, who are you trying to give information to with this brochure, this should largely impact how you design. Further, with brochures it is important to use graphics of imagery to draw people in, a brochure filled with text and nothing visual pleasing will not get picked up. So think of the audience and what style will draw that audience in. They are informational but they are also interesting.

Here are some examples of brochures that I really liked and that really grabbed my attention


  1. I really like the 1st brochure! I think it's the large, bold letters that are orange that grabs my attention. The pictures are also a nice compliment to the text. It looks like it flows very nicely and might be easily to follow with the images they made to the oil ridges at the top. The 3rd brochure looks very nice as well. I think that the picture of the fruit on the front page would interest me enough to want to open the brochure up. The whole look is very pleasing. It's a very consistent design with the textured blue everywhere and the imagery.

  2. I love the top brochure! I think my favorite part of the entire thing is how it can be folded in different ways but the letters will always fit together. I also enjoy the bold, bright lettering used, I would definitely pick it up to see what it was!
    The third one is nice too, I like the use of simple color and large type, once again. The second one is a bit humorous to me because it makes Bob Jones appear to be "cutting edge" and "cool" when in reality it is not at all :) However I do really enjoy the way they have the brochure laid out and the color scheme used.

  3. I love all of these brochures. They are really well designed. I love the type choices and the color choices. The only thing I don't really like is that the last one has a TON of words and I don't know if I'd be apt to reading it because it is so wordy. But the brochures definitely capture your attention through the big typefaces.

  4. I really like the design on all of these brochures. They are all very attractive, and I really like the layout and folding of the first two. I do not like the way that the last one folds. I feel that brochures like this become to cumbersome to unfold and refold, and there are a lot of occasions where I would feel really awkward trying to open this brochure if there were people around. It's just way too big when it's fully unfolded.

  5. First of all, these brochures look great, and all of them would catch my attention... especially the first one. I really like the way that the first brochure is designed... but personally I really like the functionality of the second brochure. It has a nice looking layout as well and it set up much like a magazine. I am not a fan of the functionality of last one. The way it folds out reminds me of a newspaper and I despise reading newspapers becuase once they are fully unfolded, they are just too large.