Monday, November 22, 2010

Emily Anderson’s Post

Our soda company project is already finished, but the other day I found a soda company that I thought had a really good concept and design. This company is called "The Switch". This company started with a man named Mike. Mike loved to drink healthy orange juice. But he thought it was really boring tasting. So he always mixed his orange juice with sparkling water. One day he decided to make a company from his drink. The Switch drinks are 100% natural juice but carbonated like soda.

The Switch is all about people making "the switch" from unhealthy sodas to their healthy drink. They especially are trying to promote their product in schools.

I really like their logo. "The" has been flipped upside down, which I think is quite clever. It exemplifies the fact that The Switch is different, opposite from common sodas. The symbol in the background resembles the transpose symbol, signifying that The Switch should take place of other sodas.

Another fun detail is that all the bottle caps have words on the inside. If you collect the right combination, you can send them in for prizes.

I think this company has a great image. Everything they do looks fun and appealing. (And I must admit, the sodas taste really good, unlike normal juice drinks)


  1. i think the concept of this company was just brilliant in the first place! and the logo definitely works with what they wanted from this drink...its simply put in 10 words in their design stating "100% of what you want" and "0% of what you don't" that alone catches your attention. not only would i drink this (which i have btw) but i would research more into the company because their name interests me. i actually kept the strawberry-kewi soda can i drank from switch for over a year just cause i thought it was so catchy. the abstract swirls making arrows and the upside down text on the word "the" just adds to the meaning of the company. this logo was well-thought out.

  2. Good review, I like the soda's concept and catch phrase. I don't find this logo exceedingly brilliant, but it is far from bad, so I think it definitely gets the job done.