Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watch out for Bastards

Word-of-the-week: Bastard

There are three different categories for this week’s word-of-the-week. 

Bastard: “Of type, a character that is foreign to the font in which it is set (such as a gliph used from a different font set.) Also, in mechanical typography, a character that is smaller or larger than the body upon which it was cast.” (Example: Bastard.)
Bastard: “Generally, any nonstandard size of sheets of paper. Also, specifically an obsolete paper size of 33 x 20 inches.”
Bastard: “Any aberration or abnormal element in the printing process.” 
My advice for you this week is to watch out for Bastards. They can cause trouble. 


  1. 1. funny how I was thinking of this word this morning during class, though my meaning may have been a little different.

    2. part of me thinks some designer made this up just so they could keep saying bastard. which I am totally okay with.

  2. This just encourages me to be a better graphic designer. Why wouldn't you want to pursue a profession who uses wonderful words like this. I mean I use bastards a lot in my work especially when it comes to typography.

  3. I can see bastards as both being a useful tool for stressing a point and highlighting a certain thing such as in narcissist where the "i's" are all bigger. However, I can see people easily misusing bastards and getting unreadable text. That's my opinion on the matter.

  4. I am in full agreement with part II of sara'a post, someone was just having fun with the word "bastard" but truly all is well when they do it in such a way that allows us to follow suit.... because truly, by these definitions (as well as the more universal definition) we encounter bastards all of the time, so it's good to know what they look like.

  5. Just another chance for me to use foul language in an acceptable context to freak my mom out.

    Though I think they probably could have used another term...bastard is more memorable. There are so may terms used in typography so it's nice to have an entertaining one thrown in every once in a while.