Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About Design-Deliberation

Welcome to Design-Deliberation. Design-Deliberation is a blog created to provide John Brown University Graphic Design 2 students the opportunity to develop their critique vocabulary by practicing the art of criticism. Design-Deliberation will provide students with a source of inspiration, and an alternative venue for design education through the viewing, and review of design work being created and produced in our local, regional, and global community.

As the instructor for the class, and main author for this blog, I will be facilitating a discussion each week as we post and review professional design work, trends in design, design for social concerns, and many other topics. Each student in the class will make observations and give comments throughout the week. I have also asked several professional designers to participate in this blog and give their insights, opinions, and shared experiences, as well as show some of the work that they have just completed, or are inspired by.

I want this blog to focus on the positive, the well executed, and the inspirational. This blog will not be a ‘ROAST’ blog. And, I hope that all those who visit the blog leave inspired and more passionate about design.

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